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Hi there listeners. So far, Dan and I have been supporting Wheel Bearings ourselves but at some point it might be nice to get a sponsor or two to help out. One thing that help us do that is if you were to take a couple of minutes and answer some survey questions. That will help us understand who’s listening and if we do get sponsors we can try to make them more relevant to you.

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One thought on “Help Us Out By Taking A Survey

  • Scott Yang

    Hi Dan,

    Just small tid bit about myself: I’m a married no kids yet, late 30’s, live in NJ and work in finance at a major telecommunication company I’m more of an beginner enthusiast that is also follow the auto industry. I drive a red 2017 GTI as per all you guys’ inputs.
    I’m a long time listener of the Autoblog Podcast (back in the Shunk era). I really enjoyed the banter of all the editors/guests back in the days as not only did I learn a lot about the industry, but after listening for so long, it felt like I was listening to friends at a bar talk about something I’ve always just been interested it. You guys all had your different personalities (even Steve Ewing grew on me and I remember Sam getting on a few times too) and I really enjoyed when you guys went off topic as it kept you guys and the show grounded. Also showed that you guys were not only just car nuts, but have other interests too. Oh yeah how can I forget your cat.

    Anyways I was very sad to see you leave Autoblog podcast (I can’t stand the new Autoblog website and now go to a different one), but happy you are still producing a podcast as I am now a current listener. I was wondering if you were going to get any old autoblog editors back on the show? Like a re-union of sorts? Like I said, I do enjoy when you guys veer off topic! Sam is a great co-host as well, he’s very knowledgeable.

    Keep up the great work and awesome segues!

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