Episode #035 – Dull Edge, Travis Gets Sued, Mazda Innovates

Wheel Bearings 35

Wheel Bearings 35

This week, Sam is again driving a Mazda Miata with brilliant steering while Dan fights the steering in the Ford Edge Sport. Another Hespen Rally is in the books and Sam goes off on a tangent about what happens to engineering development vehicles. Mazda announces the first production HCCI engine for 2019 and one of Uber’s biggest investors sues former CEO Travis Kalanick and guys try to give some advice on what kind of car should replace a VW GTI. Colin Sultan of 3M explains what the inventor of post-it notes is doing to enable automated and connected vehicles.


Mazda Refuses To Give Up On Internal Combustion, Develops Engine It Says Is 20% More Efficient

Tech flashback 1: Driving GM’s HCCI prototype in 2007

Tech flashback 2: Driving GM’s next HCCI prototype in 2009

Benchmark Capital Sues Travis Kalanick

Kia Forte5 SX Review


Episode #035 – Dull Edge, Travis Gets Sued, Mazda Innovates
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