Episode #047 – Hybrids Galore, Trashing Tesla and Uber

The guys are back with some Thanksgiving car chatter after a week of travel for Sam. It’s a full slate of hybrids in the garage. Since the last show, Sam has driven the Toyota Highlander Hybrid and the fuel-cell Toyota Mirai. Meanwhile, Dan gives his take on the Toyota Prius Prime and the new Volvo XC60 T8 Twin-Drive. From there, the conversation devolves into complaints about touchscreens in cars and the future of voice recognition. Then we take on the king of the car touchscreens with the launch of the Tesla Semi, a new Roadster and production problems. Finally, the Uber has messed up again with a massive data breach that was concealed for a year.

Let’s give thanks that at least for now, we can still drive for ourselves.


Toyota Prius Prime Review

Thoughts on the Tesla Semi from a former trucker

Uber Gets Hacked

Debating in-car touchscreens


Episode #047 – Hybrids Galore, Trashing Tesla and Uber
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