Episode #051 – Small Utilities and Sedans and Passages of Time

wheelbearings podcast episode 51For the final edition of 2017, Dan drives the 2018 Hyundai Accent, Sam gets in the Mazda CX-3 and Larry Vellequette from Automotive News drops by to talk about the end of car collecting. There’s a growing backlash from people tired of drivers trying to bypass traffic jams with online navigation apps like Waze but will the problem only get worse when we have automated mobility services like what Uber wants to build with money from Softbank? Kenichi Yamamoto, the brilliant engineer that led Mazda for many years and made the Wankel rotary almost viable, dies at 95 and the guys talk about some of their favorite rides of the past year.


Softbank buys into Uber

Kenichi Yamamoto passes

The Waze backlash

The end of car collecting

The best of 2017


Episode #051 – Small Utilities and Sedans and Passages of Time
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