Episode #058 – A Fast Jeep, Driving Assists and a Volvo Triple

Dan and Sam fired up the recorders late Friday night to marvel at the insanity that is the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk and the combination of practicality and efficiency that is Hyundai’s new Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid. Sam gives a primer on advanced driver assist systems in responses to comments on the Accidental Tech Podcast #261 and Waymo gets a license to operate an autonomous ride-hailing service in Arizona. Volvo launches its first three-cylinder engine. The demise of now former Ford executive Raj Nair shows that automakers may finally be getting serious about tackling harassment and bad behavior in the workplace. Finally, Sam responds to a listener tweet asking about car makers selling our data.


Accidental Tech Podcast #261

Waymo Gets a Ride-Hailing License

Raj Nair becomes first auto exec fired for harassment

Making money from selling your car data 

Volvo hits a triple

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

Episode #058 – A Fast Jeep, Driving Assists and a Volvo Triple

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