2019 kia k900

Episode #098 – Look Both Ways Before Crossing the Street

Episode #098 – Look Both Ways Before Crossing the Street

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This week we’re talking luxury as Rebecca drives the Maserati Levante, Dan has the Mercedes-Benz E450 and Sam relaxes in the Kia K900. At the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, Anton Piech, son of Ferdinand and great grandson of Ferdinand Porsche launches his own car company with an electric sports car. Ford has more trouble with emissions and fuel economy testing, Elon Musk proves again that he shouldn’t have a twitter account as Tesla General Counsel bails after less than two months at the company and IIHS tests pedestrian detection and braking systems. A reminder not to rely too much on […]

2019 Kia K900 – The Self-Made Entrepreneur Of Luxury Sedans

One of the recurring storylines around Tesla is the rarity with which new automotive brands launch and succeed in a self-sustaining way. In fact, while it’s not exactly common, it does happen with some degree of regularity. Case in point is Kia. While the company traces it roots back to 1944, it was really only in the early-1990s that it ventured outside of South Korea under its own name. While the early models were to say the least not very good and the company went bankrupt in the Asian financial crisis, it persevered. Hyundai took a controlling interest in 1998 […]