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Mazda’s Engine of the Future is Here in 2019 – SkyActiv-X Preview

There is no shortage of people around the world today who seem pretty certain that the days of the internal combustion engine (ICE) as the primary form of propulsion for transportation are effectively over. Mazda North America senior vice president Robert Davis and his colleagues are not among that group. In fact, Mazda staff seem to be pretty certain that humans driving ICE-powered vehicles will be around for some time to come. They even have a brand new engine that they are showing off as evidence, the SkyActiv-X with spark-controlled compression ignition (SPCCI). Read the rest of the article on Forbes […]

Wheelbearings Podcast episode 38

Episode #038 – Grand Touring, Fun Hybrids, Frankfurt and Mazda Cleverness

Episode #038 – Grand Touring, Fun Hybrids, Frankfurt and Mazda Cleverness
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The guys return after a week away with Dan getting his turn at the Kia Niro while Sam tours in the Lexus LC500. We review the highlights of  the Frankfurt Motor Show plus the hideous BMW X7, discuss what the NTSB had to say about a fatal Tesla crash, ponder stolen VW diesels and marvel at the creativity of Mazda’s engineers. We also answer some really old voice mails. Links Mazda SkyActiv-X Tech Stolen VW diesels NTSB on Tesla and automated driving Slimmed down federal guidelines on automated driving Frankfurt 2017 Highlights Lexus LC500 Review Kia Niro Review