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Episode #085 – What is a Utility Vehicle Anyway?

After a week off, we have an extended length show to make up for it. Dan drives a very expensive Ford F-150 and a sportier Acura MDX A-Spec. Sam goes from the not really a crossover Toyota C-HR to the ginormous Genesis G90. Then we dive into some discussion of sales and earnings, GM’s call for a national EV mandate in response to Trump administration moves to freeze fuel economy standards and cost cutting moves while profits are still reasonably healthy.  We also discuss Consumer Reports reliability data and answer listener questions including the Hyundai pickup truck.


Toyota C-HR 

GM Calls for a national EV mandate

GM offers buyouts and cuts spending

Consumer Reports reliability survey

Episode #085 – What is a Utility Vehicle Anyway?

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2018 Toyota C-HR XLE Premium: It Crosses Over, But It’s No Utility Vehicle

2018 Toyota C-HR

Over the history of the automobile, we’ve come up with a wide variety of descriptors that immediately give us a pretty solid idea of the type of vehicle being discussed. When we here pickup, station wagon or minivan, we largely know what to expect. But ever since marketers coined the term crossover utility vehicle sometime probably in the early 1990s, it has come to encompass such a broad array of designs so as to become essentially meaningless. A current prime example of that is the 2018 Toyota C-HR.

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