Episode #066 – Plug-ins, Hybrids, Diesels and AV Safety

After a week off, the guys are back with lots of stuff to talk about. Since the last show, Sam has been in the Mini Countryman Cooper S E (where do they come up with these naming conventions?) and the BMW 530e xDrive while Dan has found himself surprisingly enamored with the Toyota Camry Hybrid. While electrification is the future, it’s not the only solution for improving efficiency, especially in the big trucks that Americans favor. That’s why Ford is launching a diesel engine in the F-150. Someday we may not be actively driving anymore but we’re still a long way from that being commonplace. Sam compares the hype for automated vehicles to the currently reality and the hype just doesn’t hold up. Oh and Amazon can deliver packages to your trunk.


Ford F-150 Diesel first drive

BMW picks Innoviz solid state lidar

The reality of automated driving safety or lack of it

NHTSA didn’t actually evaluate Autopilot effectiveness

Amazon Trunk deliveries

Episode #066 – Plug-ins, Hybrids, Diesels and AV Safety

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