Episode #067 – Luxury SUVs, Plug-in Minivans and Bad Decisions

Sam spends time with the Range Rover Velar and laments touchscreens that can’t be seen through polarized sunglasses. Dan continues to be impressed by the Genesis G80 and lauds the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid as a great family hauler that is also really efficient. Rolls-Royce follows the crowd and launches and SUV named after what else? a massive diamond. The guys lament the deather of the Cadillac ATS. Waymo is learning to see through snow, Uber can see but doesn’t know what to do and battery fires don’t always stay extinguished.


Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Waymo Learning to See Through Snow

Uber Can See But Still Doesn’t Know What To Do

Self-re-igniting batteries

Cadillac ATS dies



Episode #067 – Luxury SUVs, Plug-in Minivans and Bad Decisions

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