Episode #091 – Wagons, Turbos and Fingerprints

As the guys get together one final time for 2018, Sam used the Buick Regal TourX to pick up a new puppy, and the Ram 1500 North Edition spends an extended stay in Dan’s driveway . We re-visit Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid impressions at the request of a listener looking to replace a GMC Safari, ponder a German Turbo EV, and consider the utility of fingerprints in the car. We finish up by answering a listener question about aerodynamics on everyday cars before bidding everyone a pre-emptive Happy New Year.

If you’re just dying to know, the GMC Safari and Chevy Astro had up to 170.4 cu ft of cargo volume while the current long wheelbase Ford Transit Connect offers 127.4 cubic feet and the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid has 140.5 cubic feet.


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Episode #091 – Wagons, Turbos and Fingerprints

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