Episode #112 – Exploring Different Kinds of Hybrids

This week Rebecca and Sam had very different hybrid experiences on opposite coasts. Rebecca has been enjoying the thrill of the Acura NSX while Sam got to sample the 2020 Ford Explorer. They also both to sample the third generation Kia Soul in faux crossover flavor and find it continues to be a favorite small car. Meanwhile Dan has been getting around in the latest Nissan Altima.

GM is reportedly considering reviving the once gas guzzling Hummer brand to build EVs. Aurora Innovation is shifting alliances and taking on new partners to develop automated driving systems and Mazda is eschewing touchscreens, something two-thirds of trio wholeheartedly approve of.


Electric Hummers?

Aurora’s new partners

No more Mazda touchscreens

2020 Kia Soul Review

2020 Ford Explorer First Drive

Episode #112 – Exploring Different Kinds of Hybrids

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